Return & Exchange of Goods

    It might be important for you to know, that not all sellers signed a consumer protection agreement for their products. Usually, goods can be replaced within 7 days, starting from the date of purchase. Consequently, changes of product size, color and model, as well as order cancellations, can all be handled before the item is sent out of China.The cost of return and exchange of a product will be charged additionally and has to be settled by the buyer.

After you choose your product, please confirm the size, color as well as other desired parameters of the item and place your order carefully. If you are not sure about certain properties of the product, please leave a note in your order. We will try to help you as soonas possible.

Conditions of replacement of items, before being sent out of China:

1. Replacement or cancellation of your order only refers to the condition that the item has not already left China.

Any application to replace or cancelled order should be sent by “message” and clearly state to order number and product link.

For example:

Please change the size from 33 to 34, order number and link are stated below:


2. The decision of granted replacement or refund depends on the rules established by the seller (once the seller accepts a replacement or refund, we can issue your replacementor refund).

3. In case the seller agrees to a replacement or refund, the postal and handling fee will be charged to the buyer.

4. In case the seller refuses a replacement or refund, we cannot issue any compensation for defective products to the buyer.

5. All replacements and refunds are handled according to the sellers’ conditions:including, but not limited to, deadline, procedure and freight charge of replacements and refunds.

6. Any service fee cannot be refunded, regardless of whether the seller agrees to are fund or not.