Refund Policy

    General Refund

    These are policies for General refund on Mistertao only if you use our agent services. 

    1. Refund will be sent to Your Mistertao Account Balance.

    2. Refund to Credit Card is only applied in 90 days after recharging balance. We are not responsible for any transferring fees.

    3. Failed purchased will be full refunded.

    4. You can only cancel order in First Payment or before Second Payment.

    5.If you want a refund after the item(s) was/were sent by our supplier,we have to deduct round-trip Domestic Shipping Fee  and  commission.Because we paid for a Domestic Shipping Fee to purchase the item(s) and  labor ,  we have to pay a Domestic Shipping Fee again to return the item(s) back to the supplier.

    6.If the item can not be returned to the seller , we are unable to refund you if you want to cancel  the order , so pls consider carefully before making order .

    7. Refund for cancelled items which are defectives or out of stock.

    8. Cancelling request and relevant refund will be not accepted after Shipping.

    Refund for Order Shipped

    Order (or Partial) Lost

    Order is usually shipped in 4 – 5 days after your payment. 

    1. If you do not receive any package in 30 days, you can send complaints to Us. We will confirm with warehouse for further information. If package proved to be lost in transport, we will give full refund.

    2. If parts of order are lost, please contact us in 3 days after you receive the order. You can Claim on this order and send us full information. Please read Complaints & Claims.