Translate Taobao'page

Tips for TaoBao webpage translation and item search:
You can visit Factory Directly Supply column  directly,by using Google Chrome .
Please don't worry about the language issue.

1. At the column page,just click "Translate to English"(Or to your first language) in the right mouse menu to translate.
2. Once you choose a category,we recommend you click the button "Sales" to sort item list from sales volume.

(Note: In a general way,the better the product, the higher the sales. For this column,buyersparticipated in the quality inspection.)

3. After you find a satisfactory product,right click on the item title then choose "Copy link address". 
4. Paste the link address into the search box of then click“Search" to open the item page in our site.
5. For more help about recharge your balance and place an order in our website,please refer to the help page  "Recharge and Purchase". 

MisterTao respect your privacy. please read our online Privacy Statement.  

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