Registration & My Account


If you want to buy on MisterTao, you need to register first. Please click  at the top of page. Then fill in required information and click button Create. Email address and Nick name can Not be changed, so please check them clear before submitting. Recommender refers to referee who tell you about us, which is related to our referee reward.

Account Setting
After registered on MisterTao, you can click My Account, also at the top of page. On the left side, you will see subfields MY ACCOUNT, MY BALANCE, MY ORDERS, MY FAVOURITE, and EARN MONEY. 

Address book in MY ACCOUNT: You can write your regular address or add a new one.
Account Settings: You can change Password or Account Type.
Add Money in MY BALANCE: You can add money to your account and then pay for orders.

Forget Password

If you forget the password of your account, you can click button Forgot Your Password in Login Page, or write to us for help.()

    In "My account", you can make a series of operations when you experience your shopping at Mistertao.

    My Account

    In "My account", you can make a series of operations when you experience your shopping at Mistertao.

    1. Choose a Nickname

    When you create an account, you are recommended to set a nickname, which should be unique, but not necessarily real. It is your name at MisterTao.

    2. Send and Receive Messages

    If you are MisterTao member, you'll receive some messages about promotion informations from us nonscheduled. Likewise, you can also write or reply messages to us for anything you want to know.

    3. Check Orders

    You can not only view the order status you are waiting to receive, but check your order history and orders unpaid and cancelled.

    4. Modify Address and Password

    Click "Account Information" in "My Account", you can add address to your address book and change your password if any need. It is convenient for your to manage your account information about MisterTao.

    5. Collection of Taobao Products and Stores

    If you like some products or have perfect experience in some shop when you wander at MisterTao, you can click "Add to My Favorite", then you'll see the product or the shop in "My Favorite Products/Store" in "My Account".